Monday, January 28, 2013

Building Community

Leadership Lions at Morningside

We had a parent new to our Morningside community visit one of the first days of school, wanting to understand the local culture. Our conversations lead a curvy path that eventually uncovered a forgotten park that had been promised to our local communities. During our discussion phone numbers were exchanged and ideas tossed around, “How could we revive the park?”
A few hours passed, I couldn’t get the crazy thought out of my head “Our students could impact the community and bring the park here” but how?
A team was formed a “Leadership Team” of ten students spanning each grade level. The students volunteered time and under the guidance of Mrs. Debra Taylor the students were asked to present to the city council. The Student’s presentation went perfectly and impressed the city council. A few months have passed our Leadership Team was asked to present to the Bond Advisory Council for the city. Again the students were stellar in their performance.
The “Leadership Team” at Morningside consisting of students from first through fifth grade has accomplished their goal. The Students raised enough awareness the Bond Advisory Council has placed Morningside Park into the bond package that will be presented to the voters of New Braunfels, Texas. Congratulations students, now it will be in the voter’s hands.

Morningside Elementary Mission Statement--Morningside Elementary is committed to providing a safe and positive student-centered learning environment created in partnership with family, school and community and for the purpose of encouraging the academic and social success of our students. Together we foster lifelong learning, responsibility, ownership, and respect for all, while upholding high expectations and excellence.

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