Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When is a reward truly a reward?

While speaking with a colleague the other day I came to a startling revelation. Rewards are only rewards if the recipient views it as a reward. Explanation Follows:
We have a phenomenal teacher that takes our students on exorbitant journeys of academia. The classroom management is normally wonderful, I routinely take any visitor to our campus past this class. Students are discussing academics with a neighbor, creative expressions encompass the room. I was taking a stroll through the hallways and came upon my colleague and sparked up a chat.
During our discussion we uncovered the primary grade students hadn't come to an understanding that the reward systems that were in place in this class were just that rewards. The students had come to expect the atmosphere and culture as a right.
The intermediate grade students for the large majority have great respect for the wonderful classroom climate and culture bestowed upon them.
I believe we as adults must remember what we view as a reward system may not carry the same lens for our younger cliental.

Keep teaching,reaching, and loving

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