Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sweeping into May

April has come and gone, we are looking the end of our Glorious School year in the face.

We are preparing some exciting times here at Morningside. Field day will be here on the 18th. We are offering parents to come eat with their child similar to our Thanksgiving Feast. Price is $3.00 and we are asking you to RSVP by the 9th of May.

As many in our community know we are a Dual Language campus. Parents that attended the informational meetings that were mandatory for interested incoming Kindergarteners the due date for applications is the 11th of May.

A few of our 5th graders are gearing up for a Battle of the Books day within our district. Our team has worked hard in preparation and I am sure they will make us proud with their efforts.

We are hosting one more Coffee or Tea with the Principal and comments meeting on May 10th at       7:45 a.m. We look forward to seeing many parents there. Morningside is searching for innovative ways to keep students engaged in the reading process this summer.

Thank you for involving yourself in our greatest commodity. "Our Children"

Howell Out

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