Sunday, March 25, 2012

Childhood Lesson in Sports

As most of you know Austin plays select baseball close to year round. Yesterday was a series of first for him
Austin played against his best friend since Kindergarten. Austin had been so excited, nervous, and anxious about this game. We arrived at the park and there was a mist and the field was wet not an ideal situation . Austin knew he would be pitching and felt prepared. Austin had a rough outing to say the least. All went well with the first batter two strikes and a groundout, Second batter two strikes and a drive to the outfield. Third batter was his brother from another mother Griffin. The wheels fell off, we walked the next four batters and Coach pulled him and rightfully so as his misses were no where close.

Austin came off distraught and upset, we spoke about the opportunity for experiences he was given, he would never have to face Griffin for the first time again and would never pitch in mist again without never having experience that situation. I agreed with him in our conversation that he pitched poorly in helping him see the accountability of learning from the situation.

We have a family rule learned from our Coach Rob that states you can talk about the game until the car engine is turned off. We pulled into our destination to watch our daughters dance team perform their "Spring Show". I did not mention it again to him, he talked it over with grandparents who both Coached either in High School or College most of their careers before retirement. Austin never backed away from what he had learned and talked it over with them.

We prepared for bed last night, no one had breathed a word about the pitching the rest of the day. Austin to me"Dad, Do you think I will get a chance to pitch again tomorrow?" I don't have the answer but I now know his competitiveness is as such he wants to get back on the bump and throw. All baseball parents fear the moment when their sons or daughters experience that non-shining moment and how will they respond. I was very proud of his response to today.

I appreciate all those who have been involved in Austin's life up till now and in the future. I wanted to share our lesson in resiliency.

Austin regained himself quickly and played very well the rest of the day, made several plays at third assisting outs and went 2/4 at the plate with two RBI.

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