Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blitz on the Way

I spent the Christmas break reading several books covering the topic "Leadership Capacity in Schools". I discussed with a colleague on how best to accomplish this feat. We came up with a Blitz concept, have all teams cover all angles with observing teams of the school (classrooms-hallways-recess-cafeteria). We will be finding ways to involve students more academically and allowing time for collaboration with faculty and staff. (Giving time to our teachers to accomplish the request of meaningful collaboration.)
Tomorrow morning we will tackle our first set of Blitz Meetings. We are setting aside two hours per grade level:
  • 30 minute pre discussion.
  • 1 hour observing classrooms in 2 to 3 person teams.
  • 30 minute debrief
  • Prepare for next rotation.
We have ordered substitutes who will provide coverage for teachers as their team performs the blitz package. We have it arranged to offer this collaborative activity three times during the school year so each team will observe during a different time of the day. I expect we will have many ideas to share from our observations. Our teachers will be utilizing a form with "LTP" spaced vertically along the side.
  • L- Learn more later- Collaboration with that teacher at a later time.
  • T- Take back to your class- Something you can immediately implement in your class.
  • P- To share our during debrief.
We will also be providing each team with a pad of Post-it notes. The notes will allow a team to post on the outside of the door a positive observation serving a dual purpose. The observed teacher will be validated by their colleagues also future observers will have a quick preview of ideas to be focusing towards.

I will report back here our school success with this new to us Collaborative Idea.

Howell Out

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