Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blitz Day Two Success and Reflection

The collaborative groups met during the scheduled times, the imagination ran wild. The pairs scoured the school building searching for tidbits galore. Unsure of what to find a myriad of interesting treasures were discovered.

*Uses for Ipod utilizing barcodes and scanners
*Schedules in code deciphered by students for specials rotations
*Colleagues had worked together for four years and never entered the other's classroom.

The results of these two days has pushed our campus further than thought possible. One teacher provided a framework for students to collaborate through blogging in an elementary classroom. The next week after the Blitz at least one classroom per grade level K-5 now utilizes the technology to build on journaling.

We will definitely pursue this activity again at least once this school year. Any feedback is welcome to improve the activities or opportunities you have encountered similar.

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