Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today was a shining star glowing upon our campus.

I view campuses in 5 phases- if any of these phases should fail the school will fail the MES community.






In all 5 phases we win as a MES Family routinely-

I remember driving upon this campus when the concrete was freshly cured. Construction men would wonder ducking through doorways and sheets of plastic separating areas of the school while I watched. The thought crossed my mind how would our campus evolve?

I remember driving upon our campus this morning wondering how will today play out. Our campus has evolved into a hub of educational excitement for students, parents, and teachers alike. We hosted several visitors today for a dual language meeting that lead into a two hour tour of the campus.

Today for me was special and I will share why:

*Today we hosted not only educators from our district but friends and extended family for the Howell clan. We had our meeting in the science lab, upon completion and sharing we discussed viewing portions of our classrooms.

*Students behavior around campus couldn’t have been better from hallway traffic, restrooms, recess, and cafeteria.

*Custodians the building couldn’t have looked cleaner every where we walked had the “Morningside shine”

*The front office ladies your management up front in a day of testing and visitors immaculate
*Teachers your instructional practices were amazing which contributes to low incidences of inappropriate behavior. This includes classes visited, ones observed through the windows, and some we may have passed do to time restraints.

Is any of the (*) information above new news? Undoubtedly not. Today was an affirmation of everything we do on a daily basis contributes to an opportunity for student success. I shared with a group today it feels like when someone loses 30 pounds they wont see the changes because it is a daily subtle changes. The first time you as an outsider view that person it blows you away because you see the big changes. Today I had the opportunity to view the school through someone else’s eyes and hit that wow moment.

Our visitors were impressed with out instructional practices. They had questions, quotes, and ideas to take back to their campuses. The truest accomplishment for me today= These visits were unannounced to the classroom teacher. Implying this would be the norm for instruction in the classes.

I leave campus today reflecting the same question I arrived with today.
The thought crossed my mind how would our campus evolve?
Quite Nicely my friends, we truly rocked it!

Thank you for your continued professionalism and determination in reaching our students.

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