Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 things +1 about my first semester as First Semester Principal

I feel as though our first semester has been a successful achievement. I do know there is plenty to reflect upon and a slight change I would have made.

Our school has limited parent participation extracurricular or volunteering. The parents that do commit time perform a tremendous service with their time and energy to assist our school. Our administrative team constructed a plan to invite parents as a part of our learning community. We engineered three events that allowed great strides to be made reconnecting with our community.
  1. Pumpkin painting night- Our PTA sponsored a pumpkin painting night during the fall. Our families showed up in droves to participate. We eventually had a small contest to allow voting on the most popularly decorated pumpkin.
  2. Thanksgiving Dinner- We advertised to allow families, grandparents, friends and neighbors to eat with their student. A great deal of time planning both cafeteria and facility went into this day. We normally averaged 400 plates served on normal days. The Thanksgiving Feast generated over 1,000 plates served. The smiling faces accompanied with the laughter of time spent with families made the hard work well worth the outcome.
  3. Caliente Chili Cookoff- Our school in conjunction with community businesses and families hosted a chili, bean, and salsa cookoff. We had books donated, food donated, services donated, entertainment donated, and volunteers. In case you did not notice everything was donated so the Cookoff was a terrific fundraiser for our school. We had a wonderful turnout from our student body and the event will continue to grow.
The +1 I would change, I wish I would have began a Professional Learning Network earlier for myself. I have learned a tremendous amount reading and communicating with others but wish I had began earlier.

These are 3 things we accomplished in our first semester for community involvement. I hope to see other ideas from people in the future. I am planning to host the annual night out against crime next year.

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