Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spark Life Saver

Feeling run down, tired and needing a pick me up. I felt all of these until a friend helped me find Spark through Advocare. I was astounded at the energy I received. Spark provides 21 vitamins, minerals,  and nutrients synergistically designed to provide energy with only 45 calories.

I instantly found the fountain of youth. I had energy to play with my three children like I was a 20 year old again. We take family outings again that had become obsolete as I had succumbed to the extra weight that had saturated my body. I knew better than eating candy bars or energy drinks as they were a short unhealthy "fix". I now have a healthy source of energy I utilize twice daily as my normal routine combined with the MSN Max C vitamins and feel terrific.

If I can be of any assistance just comment below. Visit my site at Thanks for reading and enjoy every minute of the day.

Kevin Howell
Advocare Independent Distributor

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