Friday, October 17, 2014

Sharing and helping others.

The past two days have been very busy planting seeds and preparing for a harvest. Yesterday at my son's football game, I Sparked (gave sample of #Spark) to several other spectators.

The first gentleman accepted and we discussed my experience with the product.  I have enjoyed unbridled energy and focus when taking the product. My use of sodas or energy drinks prior to my own experience sampling this product had skyrocketed, I have definitely changed that choice. I wanted to share this experience with the gentleman but since he didn't prepare the drink instantaneously I never had the opportunity.

The second attempt I refined my approach.  I offered the sample and then prepared the spark powder with the 8 oz bottle of water there in front of him and handed it to him. The reaction,  "the green apple flavor is great" after a few minutes passed the clarity and focus became obvious. My friend exclaimed I normally have a conversation and get distracted but we've been standing her a while and I can feel the difference.

Lesson for today,  prepare the drink and have them enjoy while your discussing your experience.  We discussed further how to purchase and the sample lead to a retail transaction that will lead to a future distributor.

Each opportunity to present and discuss the wonderful #Advocare product we gain experience and insight how to help others find the same satisfaction and healthy choices.

Kevin Howell
Advocare Independent Distributor

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