Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teaam Leader Meeting

August 7, 2012 we had a wonderful team leader meeting. We are fresh off our Language of Leadership training, content specific (math and science), and trainer of trainers training. Our meeting was a reinforcer of learned items from the past few weeks. We were able to dissiminate dates and  typical beginning of the year information..

What occurred next is what sets our campus apart from others. Our team leaders took a topic we chose "Meet thenTeacher Night" and set out to improve attendance. Using our "Muli-Flow" map we created causes and effects for a successful night. We then took ideas created from our collaborative teams and fullfilled the ideas generated. One team created a color coordinated map of the faculty and positions, posted now in the front walkway. We had several other teams creating flyers for electronic media and posting in community.  Our college awareness group had brainstormed several great ideas we will share in the upcoming weeks.

It was great working with such a collaborative team in preparing for the upcoming year.

Kevin Howell

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